Ultra Pro 23 Android 11 TV Box

Fast speed and smooth performance, Which is designed to turn your regular TV into a smart one

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The Ultra Media Pro 23 Android 11 device TV box is the newest generation of multimedia player and home multimedia gateway. ….The best way for you to enjoy network life.


Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote Control Smart Remote Controller

Built-in Gyroscope: This air mouse can sense changes in direction and speed, so you can directly move in the air to control it

Ergonomic Design: This curved design on the back of the air mouse is very suitable for your palm, providing a comfortable handled experience

Easy to use: 17-key Air mouse, easy to control the volume, page up/down, left/right, etc. You can just sit on the sofa and enjoy it

Winter Special!

Ultra TV offers Annual service from £4.16 per month (When paid annually)

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