Worldwide TV + Video Club

Service 1

All TV channels from UK,USA Canada TV with best IPTV Price – A BIG service at a bargain price All Sports and PPV included over 1000 box sets 6000+ movies on demand

€9.99 per month

  • €9.99 per month
  • €29.99 6 months
  • €49.99 per year (ask for your free VOD add on)

Service 2

9000 + movies 1000 + Box Sets
All TV channels from UK, USA Canada TV At an Amazing g price. All Sports and PPV included Huge VOD and Movies on Demand section all in English. 7 Day UK catch up9

€14.99 per month

  • €14.99 per month
  • €54.99 6 Months
  • €79.99 per year

Service 3

Worldwide TV Channels 100+ countries Over 15000 movies in multi language €16 per month or €80 per year

€15.99 per month

  • €15.99 per month
  • €59.99 6 Months
  • €99.99 per year

Service 4

UK + Catch Up, IRE + Catch up, USA, Canada & Worldwide. 2500 Blockbuster Movies + Box setsThe best vale service money can buy

€14.99 per month

  • €14.99 per month
  • €54.99 6 Months
  • €79.99 per year

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